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IRS 226J: ACA Penalty Reduction

IRS Letter 226J is here.

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First Capitol Extends Deadline for New Clients

Based on a new IRS deadline, we are accepting new clients for our ACA Complete service until January 19, and for our ACA Basic & Basic Plus service until January 26.

The IRS recently extended its deadline from January 31 to March 2, 2018, to provide individual employees with: • Form 1095-B (Health Coverage) • Form 1095 -C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage)

This deadline affects: • Insurers • Other coverage providers • Self-insured employers • Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) (employers with 50 or more full-time employees or full-time equivalent employees)

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Humanefits is the evolution of the automated HR information system into a Workforce Intelligence Solution Engine (WISE).

It is a cost-effective automated HR management tool that helps organizations improve cash flow and increase access to capital by creating synergies between data consolidation, tax reporting, regulatory affairs and business intelligence processes with access to E-sign technology.

Humanefits easily integrates with QuickBooks Online in minutes, providing small businesses with the same level of sophisticated HR and financial services afforded to larger companies.

First Capitol Consulting is a leader among data and analytics companies in advancing the use of data consolidation for HR, tax, regulatory compliance, and business intelligence services


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Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine

Humanefits is the evolution of the automated HR information system into a Workforce Intelligence Solution Engine (WISE) that helps organizations achieve tax savings and avoid tax penalties to improve cash flow and access to capital.

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