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First Capitol 
is a Regulatory Technology company unlocking the value of workforce data.

First Capitol is powered by our proprietary data consolidation process and regulatory risk models. Our regulatory services include ACA Compliance, Pay Equity Auditing and Analytics, and Employment Tax Credits.

Current focus areas: Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance, Financial Performance Optimization, Workforce Management, Data Quality Management.

Our Solutions

ACA Essential-Blk-Slim-25

ACA Essential provides employers with compliance options that will reduce the risk of receiving IRS penalties, saving time and money.

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The Letter 226J Penalty Reduction Service reviews the penalty proposed by the IRS to reduce or eliminate the proposed ACA penalty from the IRS.

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Our ACA 6721/6722 Penalty Reduction Service will greatly reduce ACA penalty assessments for employers receiving IRS Letter 5005-A/Form 866-A.

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Our PayParity service provides employers with an accurate analysis of pay structure and recommendations on how to eliminate pay disparities.

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ACA Penalty Risk Assessment identifies potential exposure for IRS Penalty and provides employers with an opportunity to correct their ACA filings.

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Optimal Health-Blk

The ACA Optimal Health program reviews enrollment data to minimize the cost of healthcare for you and your workforce, maximizing overall savings.

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data quality management logo

Our Data Quality Management solution assesses, validates, and consolidates workforce data with the use of a proprietary automated process.

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Our workforce management solution that allows employers to manage their workforces, store documents, track applications, and increase employment tax credits.

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Our Work Opportunity Tax Credit service helps employers maximize the benefits of hiring new employees through the use of employment tax credits.

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What our clients are saying...

"They help us determine who is eligible for coverage and ensure that required offers are made when necessary."

Jed Snerson

CEO, Hazon

"Their analysts provided feedback about potential data inconsistencies the same day we submitted our company’s data to them for processing"

Emma Tabenkin

People Associate, Andela

"We were thrilled when we received the response back from the IRS agreeing with our re-determination which eliminated our proposed penalty."

Helen Koo

President, Super Vacations

"First Capitol provided valuable insights around the Affordable Care Act such as the three safe harbors the IRS allows employers to claim to prove affordability."

Anil Kapoor

President, SVAM

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