About Us

Our team at First Capitol Consulting brings decades of national law firm and
“Big 4″ accounting firm experience.


We are the industry leader in ACA compliance, and growing business & communities through
ACA Optimal Healthsm and our expertise in federal credits & incentives.

Data & Analytics is in our DnA, consolidating data driving Tax Savings, Regulatory Compliance & Business Intelligence

Our Approach is WISE

Humanefits is the evolution of HR, delivering business intelligence, creating robust foundations, and actualizing progress in an evolving landscape.

The paradigm shift is WISE, the Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine, forged by a focus on human touch with unrivaled thought leadership in regulatory expertise, creative technology, and data science.

Humanefits assesses the gamut of disparate data sources between payroll, benefits/admin, time & attendance, and HR, delivering actionable and thoughtful data that evolves business for regulatory compliance, employee on-boarding, talent recruitment, cost savings, and healthcare accountability and optimal adoption.


Top global accounting firms rely on our unrivaled experience in regulatory compliance, finance and tax credits & incentives.

Leading national insurance brokerage firms are strategically partnered with us as a thought leader in ACA compliance.

Analysis is passive.
We are WISE, with a creative focus on execution and growth.

Leading the Drive for Industrial Grade Data, Purity, and Precision.