Call Center

First Capitol Consulting's WOTC services results
in higher tax credits for businesses.



Our Call Center is operated by a highly specialized staff who are trained to identify WOTC and other tax credits.

We offer up-to-date status on the certification process, and communicate directly with the local state workforce agencies.

First Capitol Consulting provides assistance in appealing or contesting factual or technical issues to maximize tax credit generation.

How We Deliver

To ensure proper certification of qualified employees, our Call Center professionals are responsible for the following:

  • Once the questionnaire is completed, Forms 9061 and 8850 are auto-generated for each interviewed employee

  • Forms 9061, 8850 and supporting documentation are then scanned and digitally stored.

  • First Capitol Consulting sends the originals to the pertinent state agencies.

  • All certificates are sent via e-process, certified mail or FedEx to ensure that the 28-day submittal deadline is met.

    • Currently, the certification process can take 2 months to 2 years, depending on the jurisdiction.

    • Certification documents are also digitally stored upon receipt.

  • If certification is denied, we will appeal when necessary.

    • In certain instances, an employee may qualify under more than one criteria.

    • If additional documentation is requested by a certifying agency, we will collect and transmit the information.

When an employee is certified, the client’s account is updated to reflect the possibility of the individual actually generating credits.

Periodic payroll reports are used to calculate actual credit amounts.

Sensitive employee data collected by our Call Center in the WOTC screening process is confidential
from the employer.

Our Team

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We understand the growing diversity of the U.S. workforce and serve the
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