Why TaxAdvantagesm

Because it’s a solution tailored for you.

First Capitol Consulting benefited numerous international and national brands, Fortune 500 companies, and small to mid-sized businesses to help optimize their tax credits.


Our Commitment

We believe that the need to be successful is universal, but how each client gets there is unique. Our services are not just a “one-size-fits-all” solution – we forge a personalized relationship with each of our clients and commit to fully understanding your industry and special needs. This allows us to ensure that your tax incentive program is tailored to your unique situation to provide you with the highest amounts of tax credits available to you.


With Intuit

We partnered with Intuit in 2008 to co-develop our proprietary web platform, IT solutions, and call-center.

Our TaxAdvantagesm process efficiently and effectively implements Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and State tax programs.

The TaxAdvantagesm web portal provides our clients with online employee screening capabilities and up-to-date information on their credit program.

This process is built to handle over 1.4 million companies with an unlimited number of employees in a transparent, robust and user-friendly environment.


Data Analysis Process Concept as a Art

TaxAdvantagesm is scalable, simple, and free of upfront or hidden costs.