Baldwin Park Unified School District

“First Capitol has become a trust advisor and resource for ACA compliance”

“First Capitol took the time to come to our offices to educate our staff”

On behalf of Baldwin Park Unified School District (BPUSD), I would like to take the opportunity to describe the exceptional work that First Capitol Consulting, Inc. has been performing for our District.

First Capitol has become our trusted advisor and resource in all Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting matters since July 22, 2016. Their in-depth knowledge of the ACA and dedication to helping our District maintain compliance with the ACA made the decision to switch to First Capitol from a previous vendor easy.

One highlight of First Capitol’s service is working with a dedicated analyst assigned to our District who understands our needs and is capable of providing timely answers to our ACA questions and issues whenever they arise. Another highlight is First Capitol’s initiative to do the heavy lifting of extracting and processing large volumes of data from our LACOE HRS payroll and PC Products systems, thereby minimizing our staff’s administrative burdens. The ACA reports that First Capitol prepares for us on a monthly basis ensure that our District is kept abreast of what actions we need to take to maintain compliance under the ACA.

We are especially pleased that First Capitol took the time to come to our offices to educate our staff on the work that they are doing for us and what steps are being taken now to meet the challenges of the ACA in the near future. Their straightforward and transparent way of doing business gives us the assurance that our District is in good hands.

For all of the foregoing reasons, BPUSD is very satisfied with First Capitol as our ACA solutions provider and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Sergio Cazorla
Director of Risk Management & Benefits

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