First Capitol provided ACA solutions and relief

“They help us determine who is eligible for coverage and ensure that required offers are made when necessary.”


As a non-profit organization, Hazon, Inc. operates in a unique fashion. Determining Full-Time and Part-Time status for our variable hour workforce was a task that at first glance seemed rather simple.  Due to the nature of our employee class and contribution structure however, we quickly learned that it would not be easy. The reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act in addition to the employee classification setup amounted to a full-time work load – something we were not prepared for. At that time, we were introduced to First Capitol Consulting, Inc. who was available to provide solution and relief for all our ACA needs and requirements.

The efficiency of our ACA compliance process has increased dramatically since we partnered with First Capitol Consulting.  Their services have exceeded our expectations as they accommodate us on several unique facets of our organization. For instance, our payroll platform contains several different files, all of which are in varying data formats. First Capitol extracts this sensitive information on a monthly basis and consolidates it into an easy to understand, actionable report.  They help us determine who is eligible for coverage and ensure that required offers of health are made when necessary. First Capitol has provided reliable and accurate guidance around the Affordable Care Act and we highly recommend their services.


Jed Snerson

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