Inglewood Unified School District

First Capitol was there every step of the way

“FCCI will represent our district in the event of ACA audit or exchange appeal…”


First Capitol Consulting, Inc., has been providing our school district with Affordable Care Act reporting services since October 2015. We have found the quality of their work and client service to be consistently outstanding.

The provisions of the ACA can be complex. FCCI was there with us every step of the way as we developed our compliance strategy. FCCI was instrumental in collecting our employee data each month from a variety of databases. FCCI analyzed this data and identified and corrected inconsistencies to ensure we were using the most accurate data possible in preparing our filings with the IRS We had a knowledgeable FCCI workforce analyst dedicated to the district. This person knew the details of our district and was capable of providing timely answers specific to our ACA issues.

At the start of their engagement, FCCI visited the district offices to provide us with a comprehensive review of the ACA regulations pertaining to educational institutions. They provided important guidance on how to improve our processes for collecting ACA documentation. They reviewed monthly reports with our HR team, and provided training to make sure our team knew how to interpret the report to better manage our ACA compliance activities. At every step in the process, FCCI demonstrated their deep understanding of ACA regulations, and their ability to provide guidance and solutions that ensured our District would comply with ACA requirements.

Working with FCCI also enabled us to reduce the administrative burdens imposed by the ACA on district staff. FCCI handled our payroll and benefits data migration, maintained our ACA records, provided detailed monthly reports, and gave ongoing support and awareness of ACA regulatory changes and matters affecting us directly.

As part of its service, FCCI will represent our District in the event of an ACA audit or exchange appeal. Because FCCI provided assurances of document compliance in each monthly report, we have confidence that we have the documentation readily available to provide to the IRS in the event of an audit.

Our experience working with the FCCI team has been exceptional. We highly recommend you consider making FCCI your provider of choice in addressing ACA compliance matters.


Nora A. Roque Executive

Director of Human Resources

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