Shasta College

First Capitol assigned us a personal ACA consultant

“Our personal consultant has come to learn and adapt to our unique reporting needs and has provided excellent customer service.”


When the Affordable Care Act first passed, California Community Colleges scrambled to learn all they could about how it would affect their myriad of employees. At Shasta College we went to confusing trainings and tried to figure out departmentally who was going to oversee what piece of this complex legislation.

Spreadsheets for tracking hours for our part-time employees were developed and manually maintained, but we were still missing important pieces like our part-time faculty. In addition, while we started to develop a system where we grew comfortable with knowing we were probably at least in compliance, we had no audit method to ensure that this was true. We also had no mechanism for the required reporting piece. Our data for our various employee groups was in disparate silos. We also realized that with the current Human Resources staffing levels that we did not have the time to continue the processes that we had developed. That is when we decided to turn to the experts... First Capitol Consulting, Inc.

From the beginning, they worked to explain the technical and complex components of the ACA in layperson's terms. They also worked to completely customize ACA data analysis specifically for Shasta College's very unique and complex data and employee structure needs. Unlike some consulting firms, FCCI assigned us a personal consultant, Anuj Mongia, who has been our main point of contact throughout contract with FCCI. This has been especially helpful to only have one go-to person for our various responsible ACA departments including payroll, IT and Human Resources. Our personal consultant has come to learn and adapt to our unique reporting needs and has provided excellent customer service.

We are now at the point with FCCI that for over the last six months there is an estimated two hours required on our end to manage ACA. FCCI sends us a monthly, easy to read and understand, report that tells gives us both comprehensive data as well as at-a-glance immediate action items and information such who is trending to be an issue and who is missing and offer of coverage.

I cannot recommend FCCI for your ACA needs enough. 


Jamie Spielmann

Lead Human Resources Specialist

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