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"First Capitol was efficient, professional, and resourceful."

“We were thrilled when we received the response back from the IRS agreeing with our re-determination which eliminated our proposed penalty.”

Super Vacation received Letter 226J from the IRS in late March 2018 with a penalty assessment that was highly worrisome. To make matters worse, we only had 30 days to respond to the notice. In our efforts to determine how we should respond, we spoke with our health insurance broker who recommended First Capitol Consulting and their ACA penalty reduction service. They told us that First Capitol had been able to help other clients of theirs both with regular ACA tracking and monitoring, as well as responding to IRS Letter 226J. We’re happy that we listened to our broker!

First Capitol was efficient, professional, and resourceful. Most importantly, the First Capitol team was extremely responsive and always available to answer our questions. They took all of the stress of dealing with the situation out of our hands. They worked closely with us guiding us through the process of collecting the data and documents they needed us to send to them, so that they could prepare an official response to the IRS. After they’d completed their review, they explained all of the details of the respond to us and coordinated the mailing of corrections to the IRS to meet the deadline.

We were thrilled when we received the response back from the IRS agreeing with our redetermination which eliminated our proposed penalty.

We highly recommend First Capitol for their 226J Penalty Reduction service.

Helen Koo

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