ACA Optimal Healthsm

You can optimize the health of your organization
and your employees.

Here’s how, using First Capitol’s Optimal Health Service.

First Capitol's ACA Optimal Healthsm service minimizes the cost of healthcare for you and your workforce.

By reducing the cost of healthcare, your organization and your employees can maximize savings on healthcare costs.

Here's how.


Data Consolidation Solution

Utilizing our proprietary data consolidation process with our regulatory expertise, we've crafted an innovative approach that identifies alternative healthcare options to your organization’s insurance offerings that may be more beneficial for your employees.

First Capitol’s ACA Specialists review your organization’s business operations, payroll, employee makeup, and benefits structure to:


Identify potential cost-effective healthcare options for employees


Reduce the employer healthcare coverage costs


Implement methodology for reducing healthcare coverage costs


Provide options for future cost-effective solutions

If a more cost-effective healthcare alternative is identified for specific employees, First Capitol works with your HR team and the employees to review their options so they can make an informed decision to minimize healthcare costs for themselves and their families.

That’s how Optimal Health can help deliver savings to your organization and your employees, while freeing up money that can
help your organization continue to grow.

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Worried about the risk of ACA penalties?

We’ll review your ACA Filings to the IRS
Free of Charge to Calculate Your Potential Penalty Risk

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Received a Letter 226J from the IRS?

 Our ACA Penalty Reduction Service can reduce or eliminate your penalty.