1094-C & 1095-C Review, Free of Charge
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An Exclusive Offer from First Capitol Consulting:

The CBO predicts over $228 billion in ACA-related penalties will be issued in the next ten years.

The IRS has begun issuing Letter 226J notices assessing organizations employer shared responsibility payments (ESRPs) for ACA non-compliance.

Avoid receiving an ESRP from the IRS that your organization can't afford.

Receive a no-cost, confidential review of your 1094-C and 1095-C forms by our ACA Specialists of the following:

  • W-2 count, Active employee count;
    Full-Time/Part-Time status determination
  • Summary of Benefits & Coverage
  • Your company's healthcare plan waiting period policy
  • Up to 10 completed 1095-C Schedules
  • Completed 1094-C Schedules

Make sure you are in compliance. OutThink Risk by scheduling your free Spot-Audit today.