The Evolution of HR is

with Humanefits

HR Systems are Stagnant.

Humanefits is the WISE paradigm shift from an HR Information System to a
Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine.

Humanefits is a cost-effective automated HR management tool that helps organizations improve cash flow and increase access to capital by creating synergies between data consolidation, tax reporting, regulatory affairs and business intelligence processes with access to  E-sign technology.

Humanefits seamlessly gathers and consolidates workforce data from an array of disjointed databases for payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, and other HR data while providing employee recruitment, onboarding and benefits services.

Workforce Management

Payroll Integration

Time & Attendance

Benefits Administration

Personnel Data

Humanefits is the ground breaking platform that fosters productivity, reduces costs, mitigates risk, and optimizes the health of companies & their workforce.