Regulatory Compliance

As business & financial markets expand, and technology drives a new frontier
for growth, government has become an integral aspect of our economy.

Regulatory Affairs

The Reactive Perspective:
An encumberance on business, that is restrictive to growth, creates risk, and diminishes profitability.

The Visionary Foresight:
New opportunities to explore beyond the landscape, discovering new avenues for business growth, empowering the workforce, and creating newfound productivity.

We explore the future and navigate business beyond the curvature of our own imagination.

The Horizon of Regulations

Regulations are not a new aspect of U.S. business.

The birth of our modern day Regulatory Affairs began with America's rebirth from the Great Depression in 1943 with the Current Tax Payment Act requiring businesses to file W-2's.

Today, businesses face a transforming landscape of regulations that guides and governs business.

In the Evolving Landscape:

ACA: Affordable Care Act

EPA: Equal Pay Act

EEO-1: Employer Information Report

OSHA: Office of Safety & Health Administration

ERISA: Employment Retirement Income Security Act

I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

E-Verify: Online Employment Eligibility Verification

We are the thought leaders in the evolving
landscape of Regulatory Affairs.