Workforce Management

Standard HR platforms are stagnant, making them increasingly outdated and ineffective.

Hiring Employees and adding new job opportunities to a group of business people as a pencil drawing a new businessman as a newly hired worker for a career opening.

The evolving landscape of government regulations and tax incentives demands more from these systems.


Humanefits is a proprietary, cost-effective automated HR management tool that helps organizations improve cash flow and access to capital by creating synergies between data consolidation, tax reporting, regulatory affairs and business intelligence processes with access to E-sign technology


Humanefits is the evolution of the HR Information System into a Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine that provides a series of automated HR services while gathering HR data that can be used to obtain tax credits, comply with regulations, and provide business intelligence for improved operational efficiency and financial performance.

What Can Humanefits Do For You?

Employee Self-Service

Applicant Tracking System

Recruiting & Onboarding

E-Verify & Call Center

Payroll Integration & Benefits Administration

Generate Cash Flow with Tax Credits

Employee Self-Service is


Humanefits allows employees to independently manage and drive aspects integral to the HR process while collecting HR data that can be used for a myriad of business purposes that can improve cash flow and access to capital.

Experience & Resumes

Contact Info


Time & Attendance

Leave of Absence



Tracking Candidate & Employee Information with
Data Analytics =

Actionable Workforce Insights

Workforce Intelligence Solutions

With the increasing effect of globalization and advancing technology, organizations are dependent on an array of information systems in various functions by separate departments with essential data residing in disparate silos.


We consolidate the data sources to produce deep insights and progressive action.


Humanefits delivers Workforce Intelligence Solutions, vital insights for businesses to optimize profits, reduce expenditures, and maximize productivity.

Essential insights your business can rely on.

Humanefits provides Workforce Management with a holistic approach to all areas of business.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Humanefits streamlines the recruitment to hire process by offering
all information in one system.

Hiring a new employee or recruitment process

Upon candidate completion and submission of the offer letter, onboarding is automatically launched through Humanefits.

The employee can start onboarding before the first day on the job, saving time and cost.

Humanefits' Employee Portal allows employees to change tax withholding information, benefits, request time off, submit reviews, and more.

Employee On-BoardingE-Verify & Call Center

Our Call Center Specialists work with new hires to validate their data to ensure accuracy.

Humanefits integrates seamlessly with the E-Verify program for a one stop process.