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This IsWOTCWork Opportunity Tax Credit

This Is

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Enacted in 1977 as the Targeted Job Tax Credit (PL 95-30), The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from specific target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. Any business can earn tax credits by hiring individuals who fit one of the program’s target groups such as veterans, disabled persons and persons receiving government assistance. 


How WOTC helps your business


Employee applicants are screened to see if they qualify. If they do, employers can earn up to $9,600 in federal tax credits per hired employee. WOTC income tax credits can be applied quarterly and annually against federal income tax liability and unused credits can be carried forward 20 years or carried back one year. U.S. employers claim about $1 billion in tax credits each year utilizing the WOTC program.

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WOTC stimulates business
and community growth...

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit can help improve your bottom line as a business, but it can also play an important role in improving life in the communities in which you operate your business.

The goal of the WOTC program is to help targeted workers move from economic dependency to self-sufficiency as they earn a steady income and become members of the working world.

Employers participating in WOTC help to ensure that everyone in America is given a fair chance for employment opportunities. By allowing others the opportunity to work, employers make a significant contribution to creating a positive environment in communities while reducing their income tax liability.

...and First Capitol makes getting WOTC credits easier than you think.

Here’s how.


Our Process

First Capitol’s Call Center and Tax Credit Specialists combined with our automated workforce management platform, Humanefits, will address the WOTC process for you while providing you with the highest percentage of employee WOTC certifications in the industry.

It all starts with the application for employment.

First Capitol integrates WOTC screening into your onboarding process. The candidates, whether they are applying for the job online using Zip Recruiter (the #1 rated job search app on Android & iOS), Humanefits, or a paper application, will be instructed to call our Call Center to be screened after the application is completed. From there, we will collect the necessary documents and keep you updated on WOTC qualifications and certifications.


Free Web Application

Humanefits is free for our WOTC customers to use and can help your organization with workforce management, applicant tracking, and increased WOTC certifications. As job applicants provide the required information online, Humanefits uses its proprietary algorithm to consolidate the necessary workforce data that will be needed for the WOTC application. When candidates are directed through Humanefits to apply for a job, they are pre-screened online for WOTC certification before being instructed to contact the Call Center. Because of its intuitive process, central data storage, and easily accessible functionality, Humanefits will reduce those piles of paper applications in your office and make it so much easier to recall and retain job applicant and employee records.


Call Center

Our Call Center allows candidates to directly call in and participate in the screening process. Our Tax Credit Specialists are trained to make sure that any and all questions that apply to the employee are answered with accuracy. All of the information obtained from our call center is filled out by our Tax Credit Specialists and stored in our secure online database.


Tax Credit Specialists

Answering the questions during the screening process correctly can be difficult. Our Tax Credit Specialists provide clear guidance, ask the right questions, and ensure that accurate information is obtained to determine if a candidate is qualified.


Payroll Screening

Using the employment periods in your payroll information, we can provide you with total figures of missed opportunities and projected certifications. Screening using your payroll data does more than just ensure that more of your employees will receive WOTC certification. It also ensures that every employee systematically goes through the same onboarding process, creating a more efficient process.


Candidate Certifications

Our Tax Credit Specialists will work with you to complete applications for WOTC certifications to submit to the appropriate State Workforce Agency. They will follow-up with the state agency until notified that certification has been provided.

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